?Design in Tech Report 2019 | Section 4 | Three Tasty Trend Mixes

What do we sense is happening out there and how is it making us feel good (or bad) and more curious for the future?

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A set of three things that stand out for me.

  1. Critically Making: Considered construction of products and services for utility or superiority.
    • ? Useful
    • ? Cool
  2. Trust Me/Who?: Cloud-based systems let us live easier by giving up all of our privacy. Huh?
    • ? Defense
    • ?? Offense
  3. Going Retro: Some things are always better done the old way when they represent the good way.
    • ?? Handcraft
    • ? Speedcraft

Visual summaries by Tony Ruth are available for all three mixes.

1. Useful vs Cool

?Useful means solving a specific problem or a set of problems, and in tech that’s not 100% clear sometimes.

  1. Meals-on-demand Munchery*
  2. Parking-on-demand Luxe*
  3. Shipping-on-demand Shyp*
  4. Laundry-on-demand Washio*
  5. Cleaning-on-demand Homejoy*

*All of these venture-backed startups have closed.

?Cool means having a tech WOW factor, and there are more than a few things that fall under that category.

  1. Robots
  2. VR
  3. Voice
  4. AR
  5. AI**

**Highlight is covered in our special section “Yaaaaaaawn. Boring A.I.” In that section we’ll cover a few interesting ?useful things.

2. Handcraft and Speedcraft

The software industry is poised to embrace its craft heritage.

—@johnmaeda (me) in 2010 for Your Life In 2020 for Forbes
3. Defense and Offense

It’s not difficult to find examples of companies making questionable product decisions, especially when it comes to your data and privacy. There can be many reasons why the ethical design path is not chosen, but there is one common factor?—?there are people, such as managers, engineers, and/or designers, behind each choice.”

Holly Habstritt Gaal

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You’re done with section 4 of the report. There’s 2 more to go.

Next up is … (

? Yaaaaaaaaawn! Boring AI

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