📱Design in Tech Report 2019 | Section 6 | Addressing Imbalance

Once we recognize exclusion from a historical perspective and a technological lens, what can we do about addressing it?

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Kat Holmes’ Mismatch framework is a useful framework for addressing the imbalances that have been created by technological advances over the last few decades.

Recognize exclusion.

“Exclusion happens when we solve problems using our own biases. Seek out exclusions as opportunities to create new ideas and inclusive designs.”

Learn from human diversity.

“Human beings are the real experts in adapting to diversity. Inclusive design puts people at the center from the very start of the process, and those fresh, diverse perspectives are the key to true insight.”

Solve for one, extend to many.

“Everyone has abilities, and limits to those abilities. Designing for people with disabilities actually results in designs that benefit people, universally. Constraints are a beautiful thing.”

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