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It appears that Fast Company succeeded in making the best clickbait title imaginable for a brief interview I did with them about the new Design in Tech Report. When I read it I knew that the next few weeks ahead were going to be uncomfortable.

“In reality, design is not that important.”

this is brilliantly taken out of context so it reads as something terrible …

The +/- responses have been useful reading for me

This newer one brings another perspective:

And this one is in by Lex Roman:

I always find strong feedback to be especially useful because there’s always something new to learn that I’ve inadvertently missed. I’ve also learned that a 20-minute conversation on the telephone can be turned into an interview that may or may not communicate everything you feel or think. That said, I think Katharine Schwab did a wonderful job of expressing many of my open-ended questions and doubts about how design is evolving today in the tech industry. The headline was a bit over the top — but Fast Company is a business, and it was the best headline anyone could have ever written as a means to foment controversy and to garner clicks.

What’s next?

I believe that the best way to express oneself is in the longest form possible. And I’m currently re-writing my book, that’s due to be out at the end of this year, given all the new insights that I’ve garnered from building the recent Design in Tech Report.

Okay! Blogging break is now over and I will double down on finishing How To Speak Machine. —JM

Oh my. There’s a part 2 to this story …

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