2015 Coverage by The Washington Post, Fast Company, Marketplace, Dezeen


With the average user unlocking his or her smartphone 150 times a day, there’s less tolerance for a bad experience. Clunky design may have been forgivable when we used computers only a few times a day. But the shift of technology from our desks to our hands and wrists has made design essential, and the tech world is realizing it.”
—Matt McFarland, The Washington Post


During a presentation at South By Southwest 2015 on Sunday, Maeda argued that not only is Silicon Valley taking design more seriously; design is actually taking over.”
—John Brownlee, Fast Company


Is there a design solution for the tech industry’s diversity problem?” “Well, it’s a systems problem, really.”  —Ben Johnson, Q&A with Marketplace


Maeda said that the consumer shift towards mobile technology had made design much more valuable to tech companies.”
—Dan Howarth, Dezeen

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