snapchat_jmThe Design in Tech Report started out at Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and moved out and into the wild when I moved to Strategic Advisor status. Special thanks to Automattic (note the two-Ts) for partnering with us on getting the word out and for supporting this independent report, along with KPCB.


Meet the team of the 2017 Design in Tech Report. Jackie Xu has presented with me at SXSW in the first two reports, and she has a popular post on LI entitled, “Your First 10 Hires Must Be All Stars.” Aviv Gilboa launched the acclaimed podcast series “Ventured” for KPCB before moving on to a career in business development. Justin Sayarath possibly knows every elite college student who has dreamed of coming to Silicon Valley to be in the prestigious KPCB Fellows program, and he’s now in a marketing role at Helix. Fatimah Kabba has designed for Isobar and Walker & Co, and is now working independently as a freelance designer.

KPCB  | Photo by Mona T. Brooks

Jackie Xu
Talent Partner, KPCB


Aviv Gilboa
Manager of Special Projects, Ring


Fatimah Kabba
Designer, Independent


Justin Sayarath
Marketing Associate, Helix

The genesis of the Design in Tech Report is a weekend dim sum brunch that I used to host in Silicon Valley for KPCB with Jackie Xu. I noticed that, at the time, there wasn’t an official “report” coming out of SV so I was fortunate to gather a merry crew together to see if such a report could be launched. In 2015, we thought it might get ten thousand views a year after it was sent out into the world. Imagine our surprise when it became one of the most viewed presentations on Slideshare that year!

We all recognize that there’s now tons of reports out there on design these days, so our glory days may be over ?. But we’ll persist as long as there’s an audience out there. Thanks for visiting, and please share the Design in Tech Report if you find it useful.

—John Maeda

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