Thanks to all who joined me in funding Frank Abney III’s animated short film ?? about a grandfather trying to regain his inspiration after suffering a loss. There are still two Executive Producer credits left, so please ping Frank if you’d like to join the team!

The seven ways to experience the 2019 Design in Tech Report

? Conventional Web ? YouTube Longform?
? Desktop Classic (Beta)? YouTube Abridged?
? Podcast?? Flipboard?

All previous reports are available on https://DesignInTech.Report. A PDF copy of the report is available via signup to my monthly briefing.

? You can watch the entirety of the Design in Tech Report 2019 being delivered at SXSW on March 9, 2019 in Austin, Texas off of this YouTube link or directly inline.

My “Home Movie” of the presentation I gave at SXSW

?If you’ve arrived by a mobile phone and you’d like to browse the information quickly, then start here. Or directly jump to any of the six sections: T×B×D | Design Orgs | Awesome | Trends | Yaaaawn … AI | Imbalance.

? If you’re visiting by desktop and running Chrome, you can use my beta desktop app over here. Use the left and right cursor key to advance the slides. If the image doesn’t center, hit refresh a few times. (Yes, it’s a beta.)

Flipboarders who have arrived here, you can browse a flipped version of the content so your thumbs feel happy while you flip, flip, flip. I’ve started to get back into using Flipboard because it feels so good.

? To listen directly off of the Web, just go here. Or you can listen via Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play via my podcasting channel.

?Download the 2019 Design in Tech Report

? Lastly, the following is an abridged YouTube (with handmade closed captioning) preview of the report that I made the night before I presented it at SXSW. I made it available to the subscribers of my monthly briefing as a little extra bit of information to share. You can signup to that briefing right here to join 11,000 other aficionados of computational design and the intersection of Technology, Business, and Design.

?Download the 2019 Design in Tech Report

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