I began to sift through the materials that ended up on the “cutting room floor” of the 2018 #DesignInTech Report, and realize that a lot hasn’t changed over the past year. Hmmmm. Is that good? I’m not sure.

Stacks of paper with little notes atop of each one.

There’s a gigantic pile from 2017 that I tagged as “FEAR” which appeared to have continued throughout 2018. And so I started to gather another pile that indicated “HOPE” which I find much more appealing. It turns out that it’s quite substantial, so I think I’m going to put my focus there for 2019’s report.

Download the 2018 report in PDF form.

ICYMI the 2018 report is summarized in an earlier blog post over here. I’ve also got a YouTube summary on my channel:

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