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Is a college degree necessary to succeed as a designer in tech?

  • 86% of current design students surveyed said that they learned their digital skills from resources outside their coursework.

At what stage is design typically involved?

  • 2.98 overall average on a 1-to-10 point progression from a product’s conception (1) to just before it ships (10). Last year it was 2.89.
  • 64% are 3 and below, which means the majority use design early.
  • By far the largest number of samples are from the US, so the variance by country will be less reliable, but good to note.

When do you expect AI to replace most visual designers?

  • 5 years or more before AI replaces most visual designers believed by 88% of designers surveyed
  • 35% of designers surveyed believe it will be ten years or more

Where do people work? On premise, remotely, or both?

  • 16% remote surveyed are mostly working remote
  • 41% blended mainly on premise and also remotely
  • 42% officed mostly on premise

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