2016 Coverage by VentureBeat, Wired, LinkedIn Pulse


In Maeda’s second annual “Design in Tech” report, he moved from raising awareness about design in tech to focusing on larger, established firms that have either become complacent with their creative efforts or are looking for insights into what disruptors (read: startups) are doing better.”
—Ken Yeung, VentureBeat


Maeda doesn’t provide any solutions to the supply and demand problem, but his report is still a useful tool for looking at the state of the design industry, whole-cloth.”
—Margaret Rhodes, Wired


Imagine a car that just had metal seats on the inside. Now imagine getting in and trying to drive that car for a long time. How far could you get before giving up and abandoning the car forever?”
—Caroline Fairchild, LinkedIn Pulse

2016reportDesign in Tech Report 2016

View the 2016 Design in Tech Report which framed the three kinds of design you need to know about to be successful in tech today.

The 2017 Design in Tech Report is coming soon.

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