Gutenberg FTW

Watching all the work being done on Gutenberg has been an extraordinary process. To think that certain things can become easier to me — i.e. someone who likes to think about how information appears on a page — seems super exciting.

This is Gutenberg 2.6 I’m using as I type this into my site. How am I feeling about it? A little nervous, and also a little excited.

Yay! The image I wanted to insert went in. I had to notice the little hardware on the right of the screen that suggested I insert a photo. It was a little tiny for my aging eyes, but it was discernable thanks to my bifocals (wink).

Now, let’s do the thing I always want to do — which is to have a table.

Stuff on the left
Stuff on the right is here
Is this over here?
That’s amazing!

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